Juventus.Com – The players of the First Team and of the Juventus Women
in the Top 11 Men and Women gave their thoughts at the AIC event.


“We are not worried about overtaking Inter, we are in December and right now the top two are alternating. We think that Ronaldo deserved to win the Ballon d’Or. It’s not a difficult time for him, he has always made himself available even when not in an optimal condition and we must thank him. It has not been possible for him to train for a short period, so it’s normal to experience some moments not in the best form. Dybala is a great player, he’s our number 10 and that’s not something by chance.”


“We are not even yet halfway through the season. We have faced so many strong opponents, Inter are doing just as well. The season is long, and although we regret having dropped points yesterday, we will continue to try to win them all, going forward, objective after objective. The most important thing is to win games against our direct rivals. We await to play them and when we face them we will play with the belief of being able to win.”


“Seeing the best eleven awarded together is a source of pride and a sign of growth. Things have changed a lot in the last three years. We still have a lot to do and it is positive because we are receiving satisfaction. Surely, there is now more attention,”


“It’s always a great feeling to be here. My recovery? It is getting better. I must have patience and with the new year the recovery will continue. Either the Scudetto or cup trophies? I am well used to raising them, I hope to continue this.”


“It’s a great pride for me to be the best player in Serie A last season. Thank you to all of my team-mates, and to the players who voted for me: Italy has a difficult league, but I am very happy.”